Welcome in our company

KARVOYNIS LTD Company was founded in 1986 as individual company and activated itself immediately in the sector of packing and standardisation of rural products.
In 2006 after a ascendant course of twenty years of consolidation, it was changed in company limited LTD, extending her activities so that it covers the international and domestic market with as long as the possible better way.

The building installations amount in the 2.500 s.m. wrapping centres, sure space of keep of products, in favour modern instruments of packing and cooling booths of capacity of 1.500.000 kilos, checked atmosphere.

Our privately-owned extents amount in the 450 s.m. ensuring high quality of culture of our products.
Our company allocates fleet of instruments of culture and harvest, but also for the transport of our products anywhere also for any charge. The distribution of our products becomes with privately-owned lorries - refrigerators in the central deposits of our customers.
Finally our company reason of recognized quality in the international and Greek market, allocator and certificates of guaranteed quality.

ISO 9001, ΕΛΟΤ 1416 HACCP, ΕΛΟΤ ΕΝ ISO 22000:2005